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The York University pension plan is legislatively obligated to provide 2014 Annual Pension Statements to its members by June 30, 2015. We are pleased to announce that we have fulfilled our obligation well in advance of this deadline and that your 2014 Annual Pension Statement is available now in the York University Retirement Planner (YURP) at https://www.yorku-ret.ca. As a reminder, you can also log into YURP to run your own termination, death or retirement estimates. A list of frequently asked questions about Annual Pension Statements is available at http://www.yorku.ca/hr/services/employees/benefits.html#Pension Plan

If it is your first time logging into YURP, click on “Forgot your Password and then type your nine digit employee number (begins with 10….) in the appropriate box. The password will be emailed to the email address we have on file. Please note that in these cases two emails are sent, one acknowledging the request and the second will provide the new password. The password is case sensitive and you cannot copy and paste it into the field. You must type the password into the appropriate field. Sometimes the e-mail with your password goes to your junk folder so check there if you have not received an email within one hour. If you have tried to log into YURP more than six times unsuccessfully you will have to contact us at askpb@yorku.ca to reset your account.